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Ephraim is my Husbando
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The very first thing you should know about me is I am not an artist. I am here to commission art of my OCs as a hobby. and to look for art of my OTPs.
Please consider that before watching me. If you watch me because of some art in my gallery, understand that that art is either a) old or b) art of my OCs which I have commissioned from other artists and re-uploaded (they are named in the descriptions), so you could be watching the wrong person!
Note: I support OC x Canon and Canon x Canon in certain cases. So sorry if you hate that lol. I'd like to avoid unnecessary and petty arguments + negativity so if that isn't your cup of tea, then I advise leaving my page!

Dolce ⋆ American ⋆ ♀ ⋆ Sagittarius ♐ ⋆ ISFJ
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Forever my OTP: Rin and Len Kagamine
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Quote of the I-change-this-randomly: "My sister, Elia, she married Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and became the princess she already was. In Dorne, she walked among vipers and none would bite her. In King's Landing, she found herself surrounded by lions." - Oberyn Martell
Song of the I-also-change-this-randomly:

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A fair warning: I generally ignore any person who advertises their commissions to me.

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Since we're family, I feel like Wolves321 thinks she's obligated to tag me when she finishes her own tags. To that I say, damn you! But don't worry sis, I'll be the better person and not continue tagging. Mainly because I'm lazy. ^^
Anyways, she tagged me for my 2 newest characters that still do not have bios up on TH. Which sucks because I have to think about facts that don't repeat info that will eventually be on their bios. xD
For now, I'm going to only do Vittoria and update later with Marisa's 8 facts!

Vittoria Despero
art by @/Churu-Adopt
  1. The lyrics on Vittoria's toyhouse bio are from "Partons Vite" by Kaolin. As you probably gathered from the name, it's a French song (no shit). Back in high school, my French teacher sometimes had us listen to French songs to write down the lyrics. Not only did I think the song was catchy, but I will forever remember it because one of my not-so-bright classmates asked, when the song started, if we were supposed to write down all the "la's" at the start of the song. Then our teacher looked at us like she hated us.
    Now it's an inside joke with me and my sister whenever a song repeats something that isn't a word (like la), we're just like "HEY SHOULD WE WRITE THE LA'S ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
    Also yes, this fact will be irrelevant when I actually finish her bio because the lyrics are just a placeholder but whatever!
  2. So if you didn't read the 8 facts Wolves321 did for Mikel (which you can do so >> here << ), Vittoria is Mikel's lover and a member of his mafia. Her codename is "The Coffin Princess". The original fairytale is actually named "The Black Princess" but... I felt uncomfortable using it... so I just changed it to a variation lol. I came up with the name when, while I was looking for fairytales to use as codenames, my sister found a song from the Kagamine twins called Casuality Flower and I liked it enough to look into the fairytale that inspired it.
    (Why do they NEVER get a happy ending though ): Hitoshizuku must enjoy our pain.)
  3. Vittoria has expensive tastes, if you couldn't tell. When I was making her, we decided she and Mikel should have pets that could be the symbol of their mafia. I'm not sure why we settled for cats, but we did. I'm pretty new to using character tabs, but you can see her bengal cat Sultana is Vittoria's only tab. Yes guys, I use a feature that's supposed to help describe AU versions of the character... for a pet cat. But anyways, in the process of making her, we knew that Vittoria would want an expensive cat so we looked up the most expensive cats in the world. Then we nearly died at the prices. Bengal cats are definitely not the most expensive, though they're still a bit out-of-budget for the average cat lover I'd say. A bengal from a breeder costs about $500-$3000.
  4. Her original reference came with a pipe, but I asked the artist to remove it because I don't like nor support smoking. :') Is this a fact about me, or my character? Meh, tomato toh-mah-to.
  5. WHELP I'M RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS so I'm just going to start talking about her backstory, even though it'll be on her bio and I said I hate repeating myself. Vittoria came from a poor family that had nothing, and grew up without love or compassion. She clawed her way to the top with all the resources available to her-  including her bewitching appearance, if it had to come to that. Now that she's finally in a comfortable position as the consort of the mafia, she has no intention of letting it go.
  6. Even though she tends to exude confidence - hell, her picture even looks like she's looking at you condescendingly -, Vittoria is inwardly lonely. She can be a bit clingy to Mikel because of this and feels threatened easily if some other beauty happens by. This is, again, inspired by Casuality Flower (I translated the lyrics here:
    "In the basement of a desolate castle, a princess is trapped within its halls.
    Without ever feeling love from anyone, she cries her loneliness to silent walls."
  7. She was an acquaintance of my Forget-Me-Not angel (species by @/rkzn) Marisa and Marisa's lover Kegan (who belongs to Wolves321) while they were still alive, and attended their wedding with Mikel. She didn't attend the funeral of Marisa and Kegan's son though, supposedly because she just doesn't like the atmosphere at funerals. Everyone else would be crying and she'd probably just be there stone-faced. :^)
  8. I came up with the name of their mafia, Famiglia d'Eden, mainly because I liked how everyone kept saying famiglia in Ozmafia. lol. Anyways, my Italian is not on-point (read: it's nonexistent) but famiglia d' means family of and Eden is, you know, considered paradise. Like the kind of paradise that fairytales promise. So the name is supposed to be contradictory because when you think mafia, you certainly don't think "paradise".
aaand that's it for now! I was also tagged to do Marisa but I'll do that later.
back to coding... 707 Mystic Messenger 6
speaking of Mystic Messenger, since I just use a 707 icon, I won't lie: when I was playing V's route, I paused the game to look at the code in the background when the app was "broken" to see what it was doing. lol

edit: aaaand we're back folks! 1 week later! I was really busy last week with work and a midterm T___T I'm still busy (heck, I'm putting off a project to do this) but I need to de-stress a bit so why not write about Marisa like I was tagged to do?? lol

Marisa with-no-last-name-because-I-didn't-think-of-one
art by @/shrimpHEBY
Note: Marisa's history is brought up here, which mentions depression and suicide. I only write about it in passing, of course I'm not going to go in-depth about it, but let this be considered your trigger warning!
  1. Marisa was originally an FC for Death Parade alongside her husband Kegan (owned by Wolves321 - this surprises no one, all my oc x oc pairs are with her lol whelp) but that was scrapped for a few reasons. First, we were too busy to rewatch the show to get an idea for their bios. Second, we didn't know enough about... like... the kind of games you play at bars. Or at least, games that hadn't already been taken in the show. The only card games I know are Solitaire, Craps, and Blackjack - and that's because I had to code them for school. Sooo yeah. :'D I don't think we ever decided if she ended up going to the Void or Reincarnation though. Meh.
  2. More about the Death Parade idea! Obviously, since all "clients" of Quindecim only really have a focus for one episode, we really only planned for them to be one-episode FCs. Yep. But we did plan the beginning, the climax where they regain their memories, and the end of the episode... if you exclude that we ignored Void/Reincarnation hehe. he. Here are some quotes my sister had for Kegan (whose original name was Kohaku because Japanese names. I would tell you what Marisa's name was but... I didn't give her one.)
    1. “What was that? A memory? But w-why was I with another woman? I would never do that to [her]! I’m just not that kind of person! Something’s not right here… it must have been a fluke. I should ignore it for now. Can’t have the bartender noticing my distraction. I don’t want him to suddenly kill us or something...” - Recovering his memories
    2. “That’s it, then. I remember clearly now. Our child is dead. My child is dead…………… Hey, bartender! I quit! You hear me?! I quit! You don’t scare me! You say the cost of losing the game is my life?! Fine then! Take it! My life is meaningless anyways! But in exchange, let [her] go back alive. I don’t have any reason to live anymore." - Climax, remembering their child is dead.
  3. Anyways, now both Kegan and Marisa are being turned into FMN Angels (Closed Species belongs to @/rkzn) since we never really got around to the whole Death Parade idea. Their past is pretty much the exact same, in that they were newlyweds that had a child together. However, when both of them looked away for "only an instant", he was killed in a car accident. Kegan withdrew into himself and, in mourning, lashed out at Marisa and blamed her for what had happened. He pretty much fell into a downward spiral of alcoholism, one-night stands, and verbal abuse at Marisa because he wanted someone to blame. Marisa, on the other hand, is the kind of person who lives life behind a smile no matter how hollow (this is inspired by the quote: "Je me presse de rire de tout, de peur d'être obligé d'en pleurer." from Le Mariage de Figaro by Beaumarchais. In English, it basically means "I make a point to laugh at life, for fear that it would make me want to cry [instead].". I had to read the play for a French class and it stuck out to me. :'D) which only disgusted Kegan more like are you even sad ?? wow you're not even sad. But she pretty much bottled up her sadness, and eventually they both committed suicide at around the same time in separate incidents.
  4. Kegan and Marisa's past was inspired by Evelyn and Adrian Powell from the show Devious Maids. It was my sister's idea to make a couple inspired by them. And yes, I liked that show. Too bad it was cancelled. D: It was one of the only TV shows I watched (besides anime)... besides Desperate Housewives, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Game of Thrones. I don't watch much TV.
  5. You may be wondering why there's kind of more on Kegan than Marisa in this (even though Kegan belongs to my sister) and that is because, tbh, Wolves321 fleshed out Kegan's character more than I did Marisa, including writing those quotes and whatnot. :'DD I WAS BUSY, OKAY!
  6. It might be hard to tell from the art I have of her right now, but Marisa is supposed to be 25-29 years old - around the age of newlyweds and first-time parents, I think. but what do I know
  7. So, you might have gathered but the flowers I chose for Marisa's FMN design all have to do with her backstory. Specifically:
    1. Blue Asphodel: My regrets follow you to the grave.
    2. Pink Carnation: A mother's love.
    3. White Cypress: Death. Mourning. Sorrow. Despair.
  8. LAST ONE! She was acquainted with Vittoria (the oc above) and Vittoria's lover, Mikel, in her life. Yeah that's the only thing I could think of. lol
Thanks for reading! :3c
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